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All City Bikes

Riding a bike in a city can give you a unique experience that you won’t get driving a car.  It gives you the freedom to explore the city at the pace you want without the cost or the pollution of a car. This could save you thousands of dollars a year. But to do this you need a good bike. There are many bikes you could choose from and that is what we are about to explore. All city bikes are not the same nor will they give you the same advantages.

Some of the bikes that people choose are road bikes and they are good but really they are meant for the open road for speed and for long distance. At the same time they are often enjoyed along bike ways and city streets as they are meant to be ridden on paved roads or streets and there are plenty of those in a city.

One of the bikes people are choosing today is a one speed or a fixie bike. These bikes are ideal for the heavy city traffic as they quickly get up to speed and are quick around and through traffic. That is why many of the bike messengers use them.

There are also hybrid bikes which are a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike. These bikes have fatter tires than a road bike but smaller than a mountain bike. They also have flat bar handle bars like a mountain bike. They are able to be ridden on both paved roads and dirt paths which make them a pretty good all round bike.

But by far still the most popular bike being ridden in the city is the mountain bike. This is not because it is the most efficient or the best bike for the job. But because it is the bike that most kids use as they are growing up and so many adults also like to use them. They are built stronger and heavier which makes them more durable and less prone to damage from abuse which makes them ideal for kids. But they are typically heavier and won’t go as fast.

Because almost every kid has a bike and because many of the adults riding bikes use the mountain bike it means that the largest number of bike on the streets of any city are mountain bikes. The gearing and comfort of all the different bikes are different as well.

The gearing on a mountain bike makes it easier to ride up hills and through rough conditions but it also means that its top end is not as fast as some other bikes. But the more upright position that the riders sit in make it more comfortable and great for things like riding around the block or to the corner store.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that opinions differ on which bike a person likes to ride in the city. In fact all city bikes are good if the owner takes the time to ride it. Here at All City Bikes we will help you discover which bike is best for you.